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Windows 10 usb/dvd download tool free download

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When you download Windows from Microsoft Store, you have two options: You can download a collection of compressed files, or you can download an ISO file. An ISO file combines all the Windows installation files into a single uncompressed file. This allows you to install Windows onto your machine without having to first run an existing operating system.

Please see the documentation for your computer for information about how to change the BIOS boot order of drives. The license terms for Windows permit you to make one copy of the software as a back-up copy for re-installation on the licensed computer. If you do not delete your copy of the ISO file after installing the Windows software, the copy of the ISO file counts as your one back-up copy.

If you need to download the software again, you can go to your Download Purchase History in your Microsoft Store account and access the download there. Follow the steps in the setup dialogs. It requires the Microsoft. NET Framework version 2. NET Framework 2. It can be downloaded here. Click NEXT. NET framework can be downloaded here.

This tool requires the USB drive to be completely blank before the Windows files are copied. This helps ensure that the device is bootable after the copying has completed. Can I backup to an external hard drive or other device with enough free disk space? Yes, but this is not recommended.

The device must be formatted in order for the device to be bootable. A dedicated USB flash drive would be a better option. The tool is asking me to install the. You can download. A restart may be required after installing the. To make the USB drive bootable, you need to run a tool named bootsect. In some cases, this tool needs to be downloaded from your Microsoft Store account. This may happen if you’re trying to create a bit bootable USB device from a bit version of Windows.

To download bootsect:. Right-click the link, and then save the bootsect. If you don’t see your USB drive in the list of available devices, please make sure the drive is inserted in the USB port, and then click the Refresh button beside the list of available drives. If there are multiple drives on the system, the tool will select the first one that is capable of burning DVDs. If that doesn’t help, please make sure that your disc isn’t damaged and that your DVD-R drive is operational. Contact Product Support if issues continue to arise.

Make sure the disc isn’t a dual-layer DVD disc. Currently, dual-layer discs are not supported within the tool. Warning: This site requires the use of scripts, which your browser does not currently allow. See how to enable scripts. Click Download then Run. To make a copy of your Windows ISO file: 1. Frequently Asked Questions.

Where can I download. NET framework 2. What size USB drive is required? Can I back up to a Blu-ray Disc? Does the tool support dual-layer DVD discs for burning? Currently, the tool does not support dual-layer DVD discs. To download bootsect: 1. Login to your Microsoft Store account to view your purchase history. Look for your Windows purchase. Next to Windows, there is an Additional download options drop-down menu.

In the drop-down menu, select bit ISO. My USB drive is not in the list of available devices If you don’t see your USB drive in the list of available devices, please make sure the drive is inserted in the USB port, and then click the Refresh button beside the list of available drives.

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Windows 10 usb/dvd download tool free download

After downloading the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool, double-click on its setup file and go through the following steps. Step 4: Select USB device. You can download. NET Framework 2. I hope приведенная ссылка article helped you! The tool automatically prepares the USB drive to install Windows


[Windows USB/DVD Download Tool: What Is It and How to Use It


Select a USB device from the options. You need to insert your USB device into the computer. Once done, the USB device will show in the tool. Once done, click on the Begin copying button. Now, wait until the process completes. Once done, you can use the USB drive to load Windows 10 on any system. You are done. Important: Before reinstalling Windows, backup all your essential files and folders.

Reinstallation removes all files and formats the C: drive of your system. We have shared the working download links of the Bootable USB creation tool. I hope this article helped you!

Please share it with your friends also. If you have any doubts about this, let us know in the comment box below.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Home Downloads. Contents show. Step 4: Select USB device. Step 7: You can view the progress of creating bootable USB device. Once the process ends, click the X icon at the upper right corner of the window. Plug the bootable USB drive into your computer and turn on the device.

Then set the USB as the first boot and follow the given steps to install Windows. Step 2: Click Accept in the Applicable notices and liencese terms window to continue. Step 3: Click Keep personal files only or Nothing and then click Next.

Step 4: Then the program will check for updates automatically. After it finishes, click Next. Step 6: Then you can view the installation progress. You just need to wait and follow the on-screen instruction to complete the process. Read here, you may wonder if there are any available methods to get Windows quickly.

For example, you can obtain Windows within a few clicks with a Windows migration tool. MiniTool Partition Wizard is such a tool. Certainly, the Copy Disk feature also helps you do that operation. Free Download. Step 1: Connect the hard drive of the computer that you want to install Windows to the computer running Windows Step 4: Choose a way to migrate OS in the next window. Here, you need to choose the Option B: I would like to move my operating system to another hard disk.

And keep the original disk in my computer. Then click Next to move forward. Step 5: Choose the connected disk as the destination drive and click Next. On the contrary, you should back up the data and then click Yes. Step 6: Choose copy options and configure the location and size of the selected partition based on your demands. Then, click Next. Step 7: Click the Finish and Apply buttons to save and execute the operation.

How to use it to install Windows? This post discusses these questions and explores the answers to you. Moreover, it offers you an alternate way to install Windows.

Click to Tweet. After reading the post, you may have learned the answers. If you want to install Windows quickly, you can pick a Windows migration tool to do that. If you have any questions on Windows USB downloader tool, please write them down in the comment area for discussing. For any doubts or issues while using MiniTool software, directly send us an email via [email protected]. Having writing articles about computer tech for a long time, I am rather experienced especially on the aspect of computer optimization, PC enhancement, as well as tech terms explanation.

The habit of looking through tech forums makes me a great computer issues collector. And then, many articles related to these issues are released, which benefit plenty of users. Professional, effective, and innovative are always the pursuit of an editing worker. Partition Wizard. Download Partition Wizard. Tip: 1. Note: Make a backup for your important data before installing or reinstalling Windows on your computer.