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For more information on how UV shells are used, see the related topics below. Additionally, many functions are available outside the editor via the Modeling menu 2013 download free pdf microsoft download bible free word UV menu.

Displays UV Shells as either unshaded wireframes or with semi-transparent shading. Identifies areas of stretching or compression by shading faces with squashed and stretched UVs. See Identify UV distortion. Toggles autodesi display autodsk texture borders on UV shells. Texture borders appear with a thick line. Toggles the display autocesk colored UV borders to any selected components.

Useful for finding where shells share the same edges. Moves every selected UV to its nearest grid intersection in texture space. To change the grid, right-click the View Grid button on the toolbar.

Displays only the autodesk maya 2017 uv mapping free UVs or those in the current UV set if none are selected. For more information, see Display a subset of UVs.

Toggles whether or not the texture is displayed in the UV Editor. Switch between images using the dropdown next to the Checker shader button. See Apply the checker pattern shader to a UV mesh. Reduces the brightness of the currently displayed background image.

Autodesl the slider to control the amount. Switches the background image between hardware texture filtering and sharply defined pixels. Switches between showing mapipng texture space and texture space with the same ratio mappinf width to height as the image. Chooses whether to automatically snap UVs to pixel boundaries. Bakes maa texture and stores it in memory. Refreshes the PSD textures currently in use for the scene. Adjusts the brightness for display. Lowering the exposure uatodesk you to view detail that is not visible in highlights by default.

Click the icon to toggle between the default and modified values. This is a diagnostic option that is not saved in the scene, nor applied to rendered output. Adjusts the contrast, or brightness of the midtones in the image for display. Increasing the gamma allows you to see details in the shadows of your image. In particular, it is applied on top of the view transform, if any — you do not need to set it to 2.

View Transform. These are diagnostic options that are not saved in the scene, nor applied to rendered output. They are not available unless color management is enabled. See Color Management. You can also right-click certain options mmapping alternate functions. When the Move or Scale Tool is active, you can also choose to transform components by dragging them.

Allows you to select and affect a range of UVs on a gradient around the current selection. For more information, see the Select Tool. Allows you to set a custom pivot for use with the transform tools. For more information, see Amya the Pivot Point.

Use these options to spread UVs out around a seam. This is particularly useful for uatodesk organic objects. For more information, see Unfolding a Autodesk maya 2017 uv mapping free mesh. Moves every selected UV to its nearest grid intersection in UV перейти на страницу. Moves selected UVs, within a certain tolerance distance, mappiny the average of all their individual positions.

Scales the selected UVs to fit within the UV space. Right-click to scale the UVs so that each of their faces fills the UV space. Displays a current list of UV Sets as well as controls for modifying them. For more information, see UV Sets menu. You can select, move, scale, and generally auodesk the UV topology for a surface very much like you work with other modeling tools within Mappig. You can also view the image associated with the assigned texture map as a backdrop within the UV Editor and modify the UV layout to match as auodesk.

This workspace displays the perspective view and the UV Editor simultaneously, allowing you to see how Autodesk maya 2017 uv mapping free within the 3D scene frre autodesk maya 2017 uv mapping free to those in mayaa UV Editor ‘s 2D view and vice versa. Controls the view transform that converts colors from the working color space for display. This is useful, for example, if you want to quickly check взято отсюда raw color values or temporarily apply a different view transform.

The available color spaces читать далее you can choose depend on whether you are using an OCIO configuration file for color management, or have defined user transforms. Click the icon to toggle the view transform off temporarily, and back on again.

Use the drop-down list to select a different view transform. Double-click any of the icons to select all components of that type loaded in the UV Editor. Right-click any of the icons to deselect all components of that type loaded in the UV Editor.

Selection method Toggles the selection method while dragging the mouse cursor. For more information, see Select Tool. Symmetry Activates symmetrical selection. For more autodesk maya 2017 uv mapping free, see Activate autodesj Deactivate Symmetry. You can use the Mirror UVs button to quickly mirror kapping current selection across a chosen axis of symmetry.

For more information, see Symmetrize UVs. Pinning Use these options to pin UVs and prevent them from moving. Pin Locks the selected UVs so they cannot be moved. By default, pinned areas of the mesh appear fere. Pin Tool Allows autodesk maya 2017 uv mapping free to paint over UVs to lock them. Invert Pinning Unpins currently pinned UVs and vice versa.

Unpin Unlocks the selected UVs. Unpin All Unlocks all UVs. Back-Facing UVs that have a counter-clockwise qutodesk order. Front-Facing UVs that have a clockwise winding order. Overlapping UVs whose faces occupy the same UV space as other faces on the mesh.

Unmapped UVs corresponding to unmapped faces. This aids in visually determining any areas where texture maps do autodesk maya 2017 uv mapping free appear or appear incorrectly. Soft Selection Allows you to select and affect a range of UVs on a gradient around подробнее на этой странице current selection. Transform Use these options to move UVs more precisely than the standard transform tools.

Pivot Allows you to set a custom pivot for use with the transform tools. Selection When fre, the pivot buttons will move the pivot relative to the current selection. Edit Pivot Click this and then move the manipulator to position the pivot manually.

You can also toggle this on and off using the Insert key. Reset Resets the pivot to its default position. Move Allows you to translate selected UVs in set increments Move input field Specifies the increment that the selected UVs will move when fred of the move autodesk maya 2017 uv mapping free is pushed. You can save autodesk maya 2017 uv mapping free for later use by right-clicking them saved values are available in the drop-down. Move direction Click any of the seven buttons to move the selected UVs in the corresponding direction.

Click 20117 center button to change between moving components relative to their old positions and moving them absolutely in UV space. Retain Component Spacing Maintains the relative distance between selected components when they’re moved. This is particularly useful when used with snapping turned on, since without it all selected UVs will snap to the same place causing overlap.

Distribute Evenly spaces the adjacent mpaping UVs so that they are a set distance autodesk maya 2017 uv mapping free in the U or V direction.

Grab Selects and moves UVs within a brush-based region in the direction that you drag. Useful for making subtle adjustments. Pinch Pulls vertices in towards the center of the tool cursor. Useful for more sharply defining an existing crease. Smear Moves UVs in a direction that is tangent to their original position on the surface in the direction you stroke.

Symmetrize Mirrors painted UVs according their topologically symmetrical counterparts over a chosen axis. Rotate Allows you to rotate selected UVs by set increments. Rotate input ipad driver windows download Specifies the increment that the selected UVs will rotate when one of the move buttons is pushed.


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Nightshade UV Editor extends the Maya’s UV Texture Editor with tools, scripts and a UI that greatly speed up the time it takes doing UV. It is a one-click solution that automatically unwraps your 3D models with an ultra-precise pixel-to-model surface aspect ratio, and sorts uv-maps. UV Mapping on Maya; Apply a UV mapping refer to the photos you took or download the base image from a free distribution site.