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Sep 01,  · In , he published his best known book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Eventually he wrote fifty-five novels, including thirteen Oz books, plus four “lost” novels, eighty-three short stories, more than two hundred poems, an unknown number of scripts, and many miscellaneous writings. Baum died on May 6, Reviews: The Wizard of Oz [Books 1 – 17] [The Complete Collection] – [Special Illustrated Edition] [Free Audio Links] book. Read 22 reviews from the world’s large. 1. The latest copy of Bilbiographia Oziana (The reference book that lists all the necessary points to identify Oz books editions). The value of this book is $ 2. Oz Books Collector’s Price Guide, where each book is priced based on edition and .


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Frank Baum considered his best. It starts quietly enough with Trot and Cap’n Bill rowing along a shore of the Pacific Ocean to visit one of the many caves near their home on the California coast. Suddenly, a mighty whirlpool engulfs them. The old sailorman and the little girl are miraculously saved and regain consciousness to find themselves in a sea cavern. To this day, Trot asserts she felt mermaid arms about her during those terrible moments under water.

From here on, one perilous adventure crowds in upon another. In Jinxland they meet the Scarecrow who takes charge of things once Cap’n Bill is transformed into a tiny grasshopper with a wooden leg. An exciting royal reception greets the adventurers upon their return to the Emerald City. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone recently sold at auction for , dollars and 40, dollars respectively.

Organized in 13 categories, including Americana, banned, paranormal and mystery, this guide discusses identifying and grading books, and provides collectors with details for identifying and assessing books in 8, listings. Frank Baum. The story begins with an earthquake. Dorothy and her companions are plunged into the world of the Mangaboos, who blame them for the disaster that has wreaked havoc on their lives and destroyed their homes. Moments before they are to be sentenced to death, the Wizard of Oz appears in an air balloon—after years of living in exile from the Emerald City—and saves Dorothy, Eureka, Zeb, and Jim.

The Wizard uses sleight-of-hand to convince the Mangaboos of his powers, allowing the group to escape. Together with the wizard, Dorothy and her companions travel through the Valley of Voe, climb Pyramid Mountain, and cross the Land of the Gargoyles, only to find themselves not only farther from home than when they began, but hungry, thirsty, and at the mercy of a vicious dragon.

In a last-ditch effort, Dorothy attempts to reach Princess Ozma, in the hopes that the ruler of the Emerald City will save them from certain doom. With a familiar narrative and characters new and old, L.

Filled with rich, detailed layers of fantasy from the mind of L. Frank Baum, Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz is a story about the frail innocence of childhood and the will to persevere that can be found in even the youngest of hearts.

With a beautifully designed cover and professionally typeset manuscript, this edition of L. All Rights Reserved.