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Autodesk inventor 2015 frame generator free

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The Flip Section button is used to change the orientation of the x- and y-axes. The Calculation Properties group, as shown in Figure


Autodesk inventor 2015 frame generator free. Autodesk inventor


So I explored programs like Tecla end Parabuild. Try to incorporate the model you created in inventor! The actual generator has allso some problems; You are creating sommething, so sometimes you must change the size of the beam. Next when you completed the frame you can start the clumbersomme work off making individual drawings off every element off that frame.

It is maby nice to have mudbox in the suit. A good working frame generator would make more peaple happy. Go to Solution. Solved by JDMather. It would be nice to have a built in generator for things like caps and reinforcement gussets, but I suspect most users have a limited number of sizes they need and even if not limited it would be pretty easy to create iParts for the purpose. The price in comparison with other programs that do not communicate with Inventor are much more expensive.

Summe 2. I asked them many times for a solution but until now I dint received any reply. When I get acquainted with the program I let you know and I will inform the Belgian representatives. This program looks very impressive, and quite a lot of work went into it I would love to hear how well it will work for you, Solidworks has a very good frame generator, I believe it is called Solidworks Weldments. Has easy placement of gussets, caps, easy to change sizes, cut list, and it generates a part file, instead of an assembly file.

The skeleton sketch in Solidworks is much easier to build also. Inventor has terrible 3d sketching tools, or a lack therof. Solidworks has Inventor beat in a lot of areas. I use both. The biggest thing Solidworks does is make their software intuitive. Its not as advanced as some other software gear more toward surfacing work, but Inventor and Solidworks go head to head in machine design and Solidworks is out ahead by a good margin right now.

I cannot figure out what you see as difference between Inventor and SolidWorks 3D sketching. They both work logically and fine for me!

I am a certified Solidworks Professional. I learned Inventor in school, and have been using it professionally off and on for 6 years. The main tools that both packages have for 3d sketching are there, yes, however Solidworks does make it far easier to use.

How much Solidworks training or experience do you have? My technique for 3D sketching is quite different in both SolidWorks and Inventor than the technique that I see most people use.

Attach a completed Inventor 3D sketch here or even a SolidWorks example and I will demonstrate how I might create the sketch. At work right now, but will try to come up with something later. Maybe I am unfamiliar with the 3d sketch tools in INventor, but in Solidworks I really like the constraints. All I can see is to make the line coincident to a plane, or perpendicular to another line.

Maybe I need to go to the settings and turn something on to have more 3d sketching tools, but they seem basic in Inventor. I was able to create some nice gun stock designs for Remington Arms in Solidworks, and tried Inventor for similar projects and couldn’t get anywhere with it. I wasn’t even aware Autodesk had a certification program like Solidworks. There is a reduced cost “Open Doors” certification day coming up on Oct 2. I think that we all have to come to the conclusion that at the least the frame generator in Inventor has some issues.

Is not bad at all. For the it is all a matter of copy and paste. If you start a project the first day they are already breeding in your neck and wanted to see the results. If possible with a bom and the construction drawings spick and span ready for the workshop. SO you can forget iPart libraries. I work 7days a week and about 10 hours a day. And last but not least for my friend Raygyver I know 3d sketch in Inventor is a pain in the proverbial! All his videos are very nice. Take a look at it and maybe it will release you of your agony.

I finally installed ASI-Profile. It works like a charm!!! IT is adaptive it is intuitive it is parametric it makes correct bill off materials even if you change lengths of profiles during the design. AND if you put two connection plates on a profile the profile length automatically adapt itself and it does it also in the bill off material.

I will continuing working and experimenting with it and I will post you some updates in due course. For those who need bolted structural design in Inventor this is the way to go. It pays itself in one job. Even though that I was the moron they pulled me trough and the job was finish in a minimum of time. Send me a mail on francis. Take care. Inventor Forum. Share your knowledge, ask questions, and explore popular Inventor topics. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

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Back to Inventor Category. Back to Topic Listing Previous Next. Message 1 of Frame generator is a verry good start. But for making a frame there is more to it than beams. Good luck! No problem a beam of mm becoms one of mm. Francis Solved! Message 2 of Message 3 of I suspect you never sleep!

It is an idea for one of the problems. I have to find some solutions for the other problems. Message 4 of OK I find probably a solution. Paul Schneider a chap from Germany made an application that functions with Inventor ad provide all the things that do not exist in frame generator.

It is calls ASi-profile and I gone to test it next week. Message 5 of I think this would be an interesting approach. I will by the program because it is on the same platform as Inventor! And this is a great advantage. Perfection is not of this world but it can evaluate in the good direction. Maybe Autodesk and ASI should put they heads together. Message 6 of Thanks for sharing your research! Message 7 of Message 8 of How much Inventor Training have you had?

Message 9 of JD, I am a certified Solidworks Professional. Message 10 of