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Hi Admin! What is the error? Random Posts. Graitec OMD August 3, Autodesk Revit R1 with Extensions August 5, Civilax – August 6, 0. The show is set in an anachronistic, Cold War -esque universe and parodies espionage , culture and society, and the human condition.

Archer is distinguished by artistic reinvention in contemporary episodes, foregoing the standard setup of a workplace sitcom for self-contained anthologies. It returned to its spy parody roots post-tenth season. His experience vacationing in Spain with the influence of media franchises such as the James Bond series shaped his vision of the show.

Some of the hallmarks include pop culture reference-heavy humor, rapid-fire dialogue, and meta-comedy. Archer is produced in a limited animation style that draws visually from mid-twentieth century comic art. Actors record their lines individually, and the show regularly employs a recurring cast for supporting roles.

Since its debut on September 17, , episodes of the show have aired. New episodes of Archer have been broadcast on sibling network FXX since , with the twelfth season premiering on August 25, In September , the series was renewed for a thirteenth season, which will premiere on August 24, Archer has received positive reviews from critics and won awards, including four Primetime Emmy Awards and four Critics Choice Awards.

It has also received 15 Annie Award nominations, among others, for outstanding achievement in animation, writing, direction, and voice acting. Various forms of licensed media have been spawned or proposed as a result of the show’s sustained success. Archer follows the exploits of eight dysfunctional secret agents and supporting staff of the International Secret Intelligence Service ISIS , a fictional New York —based intelligence agency.

The group consists of Sterling Archer , the show’s narcissistic, womanizing protagonist; [1] [2] Malory Archer, the retired agent-turned-ISIS director and Sterling’s snarky, emotionally distant mother; [2] Lana Kane , Sterling’s love interest and mother of his infant daughter, and by far the most professional field agent at ISIS; [3] Ray Gillette, the agency’s openly gay bomb specialist; [1] Pam Poovey, the head of the agency’s Human Resources department who is often ridiculed by her peers; [2] Cyril Figgis, a mild-mannered accountant-turned-agent; [2] Cheryl Tunt , Malory’s delusional, psychotic personal assistant; [4] and Dr.

Algernop Krieger, a bizarre, morally bankrupt scientist with little regard for the well-being of his test subjects. The show features an array of supporting characters, several of whom gained expanded roles in subsequent episodes.

Major supporting roles in Archer include Slater, an arms dealer and agent for the CIA ; [6] Katya Kazanova, head of the KGB and Sterling’s former love interest; [7] and Barry Dylan, Sterling’s nemesis who, after seeking redemption, becomes his friend.

Events in Archer ‘s early seasons transpire in an anachronistic, Cold War -esque universe. By proxy, the real time history is frequently referenced, though the comedy’s timeline is intentionally vague. The cable television network Comedy Central previously owned exclusive US broadcast syndication rights for Archer.

In , Amazon Prime and Hulu purchased online streaming rights to Archer as part of multiyear licensing agreements with 20th Television. Before the creation of Archer , Adam Reed worked on animated comedies with executive producer and longtime collaborator Matt Thompson. The pair later became renowned for their work on a number of Adult Swim television projects, chiefly Sealab and their follow-up Frisky Dingo , which aired for several years.

Occasionally they would glance over—and catch me gaping at them—and just smile at me like, ‘I know, right? And thus was Sterling Archer born—he would’ve absolutely sauntered over to a table full of those women and sat down and ordered an entire case of cava or whatever.

The pilot was not featured in program listings or otherwise promoted by FX; rather the network merely informed select television critics of the broadcast.

FX moved Archer to FXX ‘s broadcast lineup in as part of an aggressive strategy to increase the network’s output of animated programming. Scriptwriting an episode consumes three weeks of the production schedule. From there, they analyze the script for each character, cast guest stars, and create basic concept designs, before Reed develops a final script to submit to FXX. A typical Archer episode goes through a page of dialogue per minute.

Early Archer episodes are framed with the standard setup of a workplace comedy , defined by raunchy, reference-heavy humor, [47] [48] rapid-fire dialogue, [49] and interaction-based drama. By the end of the fourth season, however, Reed questioned the longevity of the comedy’s spy premise and began contemplating a new direction for Archer , impelled by the then-growing associations of ISIS with the identically initialled jihadist group.

Late season episodes experiment with the standard format of an anthology, each with self-contained mythologies of arcs, settings, humor, and personas. Cultural references on Archer cover a wide spectrum of society and the human condition, in film, literature and music for example.

Archer ‘s animation style mirrors the aesthetic of Mad Men and mid-twentieth century comic art in the style of Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko , among others.

Archer ‘ s production process uses Adobe software — Photoshop , Illustrator , and After Effects —as well as visual effects programs such as Toon Boom Harmony and Cinema 4D for compositing and animation.

The characters are composed in Illustrator using referential material, among them photos of models and actors in costume. Once compositing begins, compositors enhance the visual palette of artwork from three or four departments until it “looks like it was made by a single artist. The crew initially struggled to develop an opening theme they believed was compatible with the premise of Archer , but once the show’s eponymous theme song had been completed, Holman felt his idea was too melodramatic and went in a different direction.

Archer did not employ a composer to develop a soundtrack in its first four seasons, but instead used a compilation of needle drop stock music.

Archer has a principal cast of seven actors: H. Algernop Krieger. At one point, Benjamin used a British accent for the character, but Reed insisted he use his normal speaking voice.

Walter was the first significant casting choice on Archer. In addition to the main cast, episodes often feature guest voices from a range of professions. Simmons , and Simon Pegg , among others. Archer cast members record their lines individually rather than at group recording sessions to accommodate their work schedules.

The producers therefore do not host table reads or rehearsals. Archer has been well received by the media. A number of TV critics have complimented the work of the voice actors, [] [] [] often singling out Benjamin for further praise: [] [] [] Tim Goodman from The Hollywood Reporter , for example, viewed Benjamin’s acting as the bedrock of Archer , “mixing rants, mumbling, whining and a stop-and-start delivery style that is note-perfect for comedy.

Archer ‘s artistic reinvention is a principal topic of discussion among critics. Some journalists felt these arcs provide the show greater creative license to explore deeper within itself. By the eighth and ninth seasons, some critics believed that despite having greater visual appeal, Archer too often sacrifices narrative continuity and humor through increasingly predictable and uninspired writing. The series has been included on a number of best of lists. Several companion books have been published by HarperCollins ‘ imprint It Books:.

Archer ‘s success spurred a nationwide tour, Archer Live! Sporadic dates were later added to the itinerary. FX released Cherlene Songs from the Series Archer , a compilation of country music , on March 3, , through digital media. The album was recorded at Griffin Mastering, Inc. Johnson on instrumentation. According to Thompson, this discussion happens “once every two years” among Reed and the producers, although work on the project would likely not begin until after the show ends.

Jon Benjamin as the title character. It features a cameo of the Belcher family and Sterling, in a fugue state , assuming an identity identical to the main protagonist of Bob’s Burgers.

According to H. Jon Benjamin, “He asked me to ask Loren Bouchard , [ It went really smoothly. It was around a 15—20 second phone call—then they turned it over to hundreds of thousands of lawyers. The characters of Archer have appeared in other media as part of broad marketing campaigns for the show. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue featured Lana, Cheryl, and Pam in a spread for their March issue to promote the seventh season, while a Esquire advertisement showcases Sterling in ready-to-wear from Ermenegildo Zegna and Saint Laurent.

Season 6 and 7 each featured an intricate online “scavenger hunt” [] [] triggered by the creators using URLs and other clues hidden in the episodes, with both seasons winning the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Interactive Program for this side project.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American adult animated sitcom television series. Animated sitcom Action Black comedy Adult animation. FX —16 FXX —present. Main article: List of Archer characters. Main article: List of Archer episodes.

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