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Update: Right as this story was published, Cider says it found a new workaround to make the app work again. There are a number of popular and powerful third-party apps that can enhance the Apple Music experience on many platforms. One of those apps is called Cider , which brings a number of Apple Music features to Windows as a desktop app.

An apparent change made by Apple recently, however, appears to have broken the Cider app. Apple is launching a big security enhancement with iOS The EU legislation to mandate a common smartphone charger is now a done deal.

After it looked like it would pass back in June , the Council of Ministers ratified the vote in October. Today the law has been officially signed and published with a December deadline for all new smartphones sold in Europe to use USB-C.

Apps iOS Apple removes gag clauses related to workplace harassment after independent counsel review Michael Potuck – Dec. AAPL Company. Apple and Ericsson put an end to patent lawsuits with new licensing deal Chance Miller – Dec.

Apple Store workers in Australia plan to go on strike during busy holiday shopping period Chance Miller – Dec. Apple Retail. How-to Apple Arcade. Apple TV. Apple no longer signing iOS While Ars Technica reports that the newer controllers are less accurate than those that came with the original Quest, Tested notes that they seem to simply operate in a different way.

Interestingly, the Quest 2 also gives you the option to ditch the controllers and use just your hands to interact with menus and some games. You also need to learn a series of gestures, such as pinches and drags, which means the learning curve is just as steep as using the controllers. The Quest 2 does not have built-in headphones. Instead, it has built-in speakers that direct 3D sound toward your ears. We do like the open-ear setup in a social setting, where the speakers can clue onlookers in on what the person wearing the headset is seeing.

We managed to play Beat Saber with the headset plugged in for a while, but we eventually ripped the cord out of the socket. No one has gotten the strap quite right on a VR headset. The Quest 2 is built with inside-out tracking, which means the headset uses cameras to track lights emitted by the controllers.

Throw your hands behind your back and you might find your virtual hands no longer respond when you move the controllers. In my experience, as long as the room was well lit and I kept the controllers in front of me, this didn’t seem to be much of an issue.

As is the case with any other VR headset, it feels hot inside the Quest 2. The foam face pad can quickly become soaked with sweat when you play an active game like Beat Saber. If you plan to share the headset with friends, it may be a good idea to pick up a few disposable masks. Then, there are the extra accessories to consider. While the Quest 2 focuses on freedom of movement and ease of use with its standalone design, the Vive Pro 2 seeks to bring your body and hands into VR in as much detail as possible.

Then, they communicate with your headset and controllers to create a strong sense of presence within VR. When you move your hands or take three steps, so does your in-game body. Using the Vive Pro 2 and the Base Station 2. If you have four base stations, your VR play space can expand to as large as 33 x 33 feet. Weighing in at grams, we did notice the bulk of the Vive Pro 2 more than the gram Quest 2.

However, we find halo-style headsets especially helpful for adjusting fit. The Valve Index Controllers can track each individual finger, have both a joystick and a trackpad most controller sets have only a single trackpad , and are more comfortable to hold. The Vive Pro 2 headset comes with on-ear headphones. Or, you could consider getting the cheaper Valve Index headset for its slightly superior audio quality.

The Quest Pro also introduces features like eye and expression tracking that can make social interactions feel more realistic and immersive. Its controllers, strap, and audio are better, too. Meta has marketed the Quest Pro as a solution for the workplace. You can edit documents in Adobe Acrobat or meet with coworkers, draw on a whiteboard, and type on your computer in Meta Horizon Workrooms.

It was difficult to orient a pen correctly to write on a whiteboard, and it was easier to pull off the headset to chat in Slack than navigate back to the app inside the headset I also was late to a Zoom meeting in the real world when I became too immersed in VR. As a result of the social and workplace focus, the Quest Pro is also not the right headset for anyone who would rather play video games.

The Vive Pro 2 has a better screen, refresh rate, and field of view, and does a better job of tracking your movement around a room for slightly cheaper than the Quest Pro provided you already own a PC. You can still have a great game experience or visit to Meta Horizon Worlds on the Quest 2 for a third of the price, with longer battery life to boot.

If you want to use the Quest 2 or a PC headset to their full potential, you need a powerful gaming computer and, ideally, an empty room to set it up in. The Quest 2 will suggest virtually marking off a 6. Both headset makers also offer tools that you can download to test whether your current PC is VR-ready. The headsets have similar requirements, so a PC that works with one should work with the other. If you prefer to build your own rig, IGN and Logical Increments offer decent parts lists for several budgets.

However, the Vive Pro 2 has a better screen and added options like the ability to go wireless. They also benefit from access to the huge library of Steam VR games.

Windows Mixed Reality headsets, in our experience, have less reliable tracking and less content, and worse controllers than Meta and HTC headsets. As new major versions of macOS are made generally available, Docker stops supporting the oldest version and supports the newest version of macOS in addition to the previous two releases. VirtualBox prior to version 4. Beginning with Docker Desktop 4. See the Known issues section.

However, to get the best experience, we recommend that you install Rosetta 2. To install Rosetta 2 manually from the command line, run the following command:. For more information, see Docker Desktop for Apple silicon. Double-click Docker.


Downgrade windows 10 pro to home reddit free. Install on Windows

Sensors for tracking your head and hands are built into the headset and controllers, which means you can walk around the entirety of a room and your virtual body will do the same.


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If you have a new laptop or desktop computer pre-installed http://replace.me/27471.txt Windows 11you can downgrade it to Windows Windows 11 is now available, and manufacturers are shipping their devices with the new version. In the quickbooks 2021 training that you are among those who are still not ready to upgrade, you can downgrade to Windows This is possible since Windows 11 is based on Windows 10which means that the product key works to activate either version.

You only need to go through some extra steps. If you recently upgraded to Windows 11, you can roll back to Windows 10 with these instructions. In this guideyou will learn the easy steps to downgrade from Windows 11 to 10 the easy way for free. Open Microsoft support website. Select your region setting on the first page of the out-of-the-box experience OOBE. If the computer uses an Ethernet connection, it will automatically connect to the network.

If you have a wireless connection, you will need to set up the connection manually a security key may be required. Select the Set up for personal use option on Windows 10 Pro. Confirm your Microsoft account email, phone number, or Skype identification to create an account. Click the Accept button to continue.

Or click the Skip button to skip this part of the setup. You can always do this from the Settings app. Click взято отсюда Next button to allow OneDrive to automatically backup your Desktop, Pictures, and Documents folders to the cloud. In addition to using the Media Creation Tool to proceed with the downgrade using the upgrade option, you can also perform a clean installation to switch OSes using a bootable USB flash drive or ISO http://replace.me/22930.txt. If the time comes when you are ready for Windows 11 or Windows 10 is nearing the end of service, you downgrade windows 10 pro to home reddit free upgrade your computer using Windows Update, Installation Assistant, or ISO file.

We hate spam as much as you! Unsubscribe any time Powered by follow. Tweet Share Submit. To downgrade from Windows 11 to 10, use these steps: Open Microsoft support website. Save the installer to the device.

Click the Accept button. Select the Upgrade this PC now option. Click the Accept button again. Click the Change what to downgrade windows 10 pro to home reddit free option. Select the Nothing option. Click the Next button. Click the Install button. Click the Yes button. Select your keyboard layout setting. Confirm your Microsoft account password.

Click the Create a PIN button. Create a new PIN password. Click the OK button. Confirm your privacy settings that best suits your needs. Click the No, http://replace.me/9239.txt button to skip the Microsoft setup.

Click the Not now больше информации to disable Cortana. Once you complete the steps, the setup will continue with the downgrade to Windows Seel all comments. Get the latest tutorials delivered to your inbox.