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DaVinci Resolve 18 | Blackmagic Design.Adobe Premiere Pro Review: Advanced Video Editor with Effects, Lumetri Color Grading, and More


Prior to this current version, working in multiple languages was a serious pain, as you had to take a trip to the Settings each time you needed to switch languages. In the latest version of Premiere Pro, just type in the other tongue, and the tool will understand and conform. Left to right or right to left settings are set straight from the Essential Graphics panel. This is bound to be a boon for multi-linguist movie-makers. One of these is Remix. This is a tool designed to retime songs so your chosen tune fits the video perfectly.

Usually this is a painstaking process, involving a lot of cuts, fades, and trial and error to make it work. We tested this with an original song, to remove any possibility that the AI was basing its knowledge on some well known track, and we were mightily impressed.

Kudos to Sensei. This also includes impressive hardware acceleration when working with the hi-res HEVC file format. It’s one of the reasons why the Macbook tops our round-up of the best video editing laptops. But the juice is worth the squeeze. Especially with some of the fantastic new tools – with transcription features a real stand-out among the pack. Having all those packages together is excellent for those working in creative industries who may need to use different tools for their work.

Video editors may do the bulk of their work in Premiere, but they also have After Effects and Media Converter available. Photoshop and Audition can both come in handy, too. Someone who just wants to edit video every now and then may be better off looking for something cheaper, but if they can afford it, having all those tools available is fantastic. Many of the applications are industry standard and include Photoshop, as well as Illustrator, After Effects, Dreamweaver, Acrobat and plenty more.

Creative Cloud gives you plenty of storage. If you need more, you can phone Adobe to discuss their 1TB plan or take a look at our best cloud storage guide. The full package costs just slightly less than twice what an individual app does, so if you need several Adobe applications, it is a much better value.

Students and teachers can also get discounts on the listed prices. Getting started with Adobe products means setting up its CC ecosystem. You get various extras with this if you sign up for the full package. You can read more about Media Encoder in our best video converter roundup. After signing up and providing your credit card details, you need to log in to download the software.

It opens a separate browser tab to verify your identity, makes you answer a few questions and then finally lets you download its installer. This is a hefty download, even on a fast connection, so grab a coffee while you wait. We saw some odd flickers when installing it and our system briefly locked up at one point. If you need something to keep you occupied while waiting for it, take a look at our latest State of the Cloud article. After the 10 minutes or so of installation, Premiere Pro welcomes you with a friendly intro screen, giving you access to tutorials and guidance, or letting you jump straight in with a new or existing project.

We know from past experiences that Adobe products install various services and processes that run alongside its software. Be warned that if you want to keep you system clean, you might need to do some digging around, even after uninstalling it. One of these, the Adobe IPC broker, continued to reappear even after right-clicking and closing it in task manager.

Though most similar products have tutorials, they are usually video- or web-based. It is also easy to work with. The screen is divided into panels, which can be resized and moved around as needed. A panel along the top of the screen lets you choose from several preset layouts arranged for different tasks, and you can also save your own preferred setups.

These are also available via keyboard shortcuts or the Window menu. Everything is beautifully designed and intuitive. The monthly subscription fee may put some people off but Creative Cloud is easily the best collection of professional design software out there and more than justifies the subscription fee.

Video Editing software is also frequently updated to keep-up with ever changing technologies and subscribing to Creative Cloud means that updates are issued automatically with no big upgrade fees like with Final Cut Pro. You can also download a free trial of Adobe Premiere Pro to test it out for yourself before buying. The Mac version of Adobe Premiere Pro is also exactly the same as the Windows version although rendering times may differ depending on the specs of the Mac and Windows PC being compared.

The good news though is that there is a beta version of Adobe Premiere Pro which does work on M1 Macs and full M1 chip support is likely to be added very soon. From first launch to final exports, everything is faster — on average 77 percent faster than comparable Intel-based systems — and editing is buttery smooth. One of the things we really like about Adobe Premiere Pro is, despite being a professional level video editing software, it keeps things extremely simple and organized.

Switching between each workspace is easier via the tabs that run across the top of Adobe Premiere Pro or you can use the keyboard shortcuts. In an attempt to make Adobe Premiere Pro more accessible to beginners, Adobe has also added a new Learning workspace which gives you step-by-step instructions how to use Premiere Pro. The Learning workspace provides interactive tutorials that covers Adobe Premiere Pro essentials for beginners including movie importing, preparing clips, adding titles, working with color, editing audio and more.

You simply drag and drop footage onto your timeline for editing. When you want to review how your film looks at any point, you can go to the Program Monitor panel. A nonlinear program simply refers to a digital work environment where the original content, or video media in this case, is not actually altered during the process of editing like tape used to be literally cut, arranged and combined. Instead, software like Premiere Pro keeps track of all the edits you make and shows you preview files that are rendered quickly for reference media at a lesser quality than your original files.

Premiere Pro features five main windows or panels as a default workspace for its interface. There are multiple other docks, or panels you can access and you can also resize or drag different panels into one another for a high degree of customization. As alluded to above, Premiere Pro utilizes a more traditional file structure within the media browser that uses ‘bins’ to store and locate your media. Bins are simply folders for organizing your content, but the name comes from the old days where tape editing stations had literal bins for stacking the footage rolls.

Bins are a mainstay in Premiere Pro for how you import and keep track of your media. This element of PP ultimately requires the editor to be responsible and always in charge of organizing their files on whatever hard drive they are using for storage.

One of the most versatile features of the Premiere Pro layout is its list of menus at the top, giving you quick access to key features of the editing process. It also means you have to be mindful of the storage location of any proxy files. A proxy workflow uses lower resolution files in place of your original media to make editing faster with smaller file sizes. Most professional editors will be used to the bins system for accessing their media and this is just a quick example of how Adobe has built its software around the fundamental elements to video editing.

When selecting from this menu, the program will alter the five main panels with different key features to create different ‘workspaces’. Having these different workspaces ‘built-in’ to the interface is very convenient and makes it easy to edit fast and accomplish different tasks in quick succession, even when you have reordered or resized the different interface panels. If you need to adjust the white balance of a clip you can do it quickly under the ‘Color’ menu, if you want to then throw an effect on another clip, your options are right there under the ‘Effects’ menu, etc.

Adobe Premiere Pro is only available as a subscription service. You can then download Premiere Pro to your computer and get started editing in no time. Installation of the program is simple and straightforward. After signing in with your Creative Cloud account, Adobe. Premiere Pro is a multifaceted program and is used by the film industry and television broadcast professionals for good reason. The program excels at producing cinematic quality content in one app but also affords integration with other Adobe apps like After Effects.